If this doesn't make democrats stop taking the high (loser) road, nothing will. Tolerance cannot extend to intolerance. Non-violence doesn't work against violence.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxers who go around saying "never forget" about 3k people who died 20 years ago sure seem to not care that 4k people have died from Covid in the past two days. Apparently those deaths are very easy to forget.

Shoutout to for their aggressive ad campaign to promote literally every other video streaming and hosting platform

It brings me great joy seeing Wall Street get caught by the likes of WSB and /biz/. I eagerly await the day I can use Robinhood to buy calls on the IPO of a company making Chainlink oracles for ERC721 contracts for game pre-orders filled by GME.

The fucking balls on senate GOP pretending like they have any interest in governing or that anybody should give them the time of day after these past for years. Sit the fuck down while the adults clean up your huge steaming mess.

The fuck; did Joe Biden really just dodge the question of whether Trump should be impeached for sedition? This is the best democrats could come up!?

Maybe a legal scholar can help me here... Is it illegal to attempt to overthrow the government?

With 2020 being so... 2020.. I kinda thought I'd seen it all. But I'll be honest, KFC entering the console gaming market was just not something I saw coming.

Shower thought: If you're not quite sure how certificates and PKI work, just learn Kubernetes!

I appreciate Biden's attempt at unity, but there isn't common ground on differences of opinion about facts and reality, or whether people deserve education and healthcare, etc. Tolerance cannot extend to intolerance. These people must be dragged into the 20th then 21st century.

Anybody wanna lay odds on my prediction?.. 3+ major US cities will have pwr outage or similar large infrastrcture disruption between Oct 1 & Jan 31. This guess is based on nothing and pulled out of my a** but it's a perfect "kick the horse when it's down" for enemies of the US.

Pro tip: If you are removing your badge/nametag or covering your face so you can't be identified, you're on the wrong side

The POTUS just floated the idea of delaying the elections, the economy suffered the worst drop in recorded history, and we've flown past 150k dead from COVID-19. So, just another Thursday in 2020.

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